easyOpera was born for a practical need. As a singer and as a teacher, I have always come up against the difficulty of reading and playing traditional opera vocal scores available for sale. These scores are conceived to be as close as possible a representation of the full orchestral score with the result, however, that they are often unplayable for anyone who is not a professional pianist.

I admit it: I am a mediocre pianist. For this reason, I have always created my personal arrangements because I cannot afford to pay a professional pianist every time I have to study a new score. As a voice teacher, I also write my arrangements to accompany my students during the lessons or, even better, to give them to young piano students.

easyOpera is the result of this long practice. My dream is to create an accessible and understandable opera repertoire for all those who love it and study it: students, professionals, teachers and amateurs.

easyOpera is a big project and this is just the beginning, because the best opera repertoire is immense. I will be grateful for any advice, suggestion or request to improve and expand the catalogue. Contact me!

Enjoy music, enjoy singing, enjoy life!

Lara a Palazzo